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The Heart of Robin Hood

by David Farr

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
June/July/August 2018

Composer and Music Director — Andrew Butler

Fight Choreographer — Ryan Bourque

Choreographer — Tracy Bersley

Costume Design by Sara Jean Tosetti

Lighting Design by Jiyoun Chang

Sound Design by Stowe Nelson

Puppet Design by Maya Lin-Bronner

Voice and Speech Coach — Alithea Philips

Scenic Consultant — Sandra Goldmark

Alice, Soldier — Tora Alexander 
Jethro — Samuel Bates, Adam Cabo
Sarah — Phoebe Bokhour, Talia Hird
Robin Hood — Benjamin Bonenfant

Will — Justin Choi

Lady LeBrun, Lady Tubbington, Soldier, Rebecca Summers, Lady Falconbury — Julia Coffey
Lord Makepeace, Robert Summers, Lord Tubbington, Soldier, Bishop — Liam Craig
Friar, Confessor, Soldier, Lord Falconbury —

Jose Gamo
Marion — Robyn Kerr

Townswoman, Soldier, Green Man —

Colleen Lichtfield

Pierre — Wesley Mann

Prince John — Sean McNall

Plug, Soldier — Susana Montoya Quinchia

Much Miller — Trace Pope

Little John — Nomé SiDone

George LeBrun, Guy of Gisborne, Duke of York —

Chris Thorne

Watch an interview with

Robyn Kerr (Marion) 

(starts around 8:12)

Photos: T. Charles Erickson

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