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Maddy Mann is a quadruple threat: Singer/Dancer/Actor/Christian.

She's a Catholic schoolgirl with an...unexpected take on the Bible.

She's the star of three stage shows, a webseries, and a music video.

Maddy Mann's (and Lexi Miller's) Church Camp Jamboree

Dixon Place

August 2008

Mann Seeking Man: Jesus-Lovin' Schoolgirl Seeks Soulmate

Solo Nova Festival at the DR2

May 2009

Maddy Mann's Bible Storyz

ANTFest at ArsNova

October 2010

All pieces created and performed by Ryan Migge

Directed by Suzanne Agins


Bible Storyz

with Andrew Ve Hansen and Brandon Michael Arrington

Jonah and the Whale

Bible Storyz: The Ballad of Lot's Wife

Bible Storyz: The Temptation of Eve


The Maddy Mann Webseries


All episodes by Ryan Migge

Directed by Suzanne Agins

Co-Director — Hope Kim

DP/Editor — Hope Kim



Maddy Mann — Ryan Migge

Lexi Miller — Andrew Hansen

Noah Little — Brandon Michael Arrington

Beatrice "Bea" Lane — Jenn Wehrung
Tennessee "TJ" Jamison — Chris "Go Go" Harder

Tiffani Prass — Amanda Scot Ellis

Hot Eric — John DeLuca

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